Connect 4K projector+PS4+chromecast w/ Sonos products

  • 28 January 2019
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So I have not purchased anything yet but this is what I want to do.
I am building a new home theatre in my living room.

I want to connect the Sonos Surround sound system (minimal cords as possible) with a 4k projector (Optomo UHD60 or Sony VPL-VW285ES) which will be my primary TV and must display and produce 4K quality, sound and visual.

The projector needs to be connected with a PS4, google chromecast and Apple TV All use HDMI. I would also like the option to connect my laptop which is hdmi but I can take out the Chromecast hdmi if required.

Can this be achieved or other device options to suggest, Please help

Thank you in advance

1 reply

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Hi, Vincent01. Welcome to the community. It's nice that you are considering investing in a Sonos system. As long as your projector has an HDMI-out for the Sonos system, and adequate inputs for your other devices, this should not be a problem. Do let us know if you have any further questions.