Compatbile Vinyl Player with 'One' and 'Play:1'

  • 7 September 2020
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Hi all,

I want to buy a turntable to play vinyl that I can play through my Sonos One and Sonos Play:1.


Which models are compatible? Are there any that don’t need physical cables and can connect wirelessly?





3 replies

The only wireless ones I know of use Bluetooth, and that would not work with a One or Play:1.

The only option would be to buy a Sonos device with a line-in. 

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Hi @londonrutlander.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us.

I agree you would need either a Sonos Port, Sonos AmpSonos Play 5, or Sonos Five, to integrate a vinyl player with your Sonos system to which all of them does require a line-in connection. However, we can always reach out to other members of the community that might have the same situation and might have recommendations about the setup you prefer.

Let us try to reach out to other members of the community and check their recommendations or feedback.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.



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Hi Sam, are you using the S1 version of the Sonos app or S2? 

If you don’t want to purchase a used Play 5 or new/used Five speaker to add to your system, then probably the lowest cost option is to find a used ZP80, ZP90 or Connect to enable the turntable to be added. Connection is by wire.

ZP80/ZP90 and early generations of the Connect will only support S1 however, hence the question over which app version you are using.

Connects with a manufacturing code of 1502 onwards should support S2, but if you go down this route I would look for one with a 16xx or later code to be sure. 

If you want to buy new, then a Port will allow you to connect the turntable to your system. Or a Five.

Your turntable will also need to have either a built in pre-amp to convert the turntable phono signal to Line Out level, or you can get an external pre-amp to do the same thing. This applies regardless if you are going to connect to a Play 5/Five or ZP80/ZP90/Connect/Port. All these options also require the Line Out signal from the turntable/pre-amp to be connected by hard wiring to the Sonos device. 

The beauty of using a ZP80/ZP90/Connect/Port over a Play 5/ Five is that your turntable doesn’t need to be physically placed close to the Play 5/ Five, or to have a long cable run in order to plug it in. 

You plug the turntable into the RCA sockets on the ZP80/ZP90/Connect/Port and then the turntable signal is transmitted via wifi to your speakers.

I picked up a late model Connect a few months ago for £70 or £80 to connect my turntable and it works perfectly. I have the turntable in a cupboard with the Connect placed on the floor underneath the cupboard.