Combining soundbar and Play:5

Hi. I'm currently quite new to Sonos so I apologize if what I am asking is common knowledge.

I currently own a Sonos Beam sitting under my tv. I'm considering purchasing a play 5. I'd be placing it about a meter and a half away and was wondering whether that'd be advisable. Would the two act together when playing music? And if they do, would it sound off, considering they're not the same?

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It would not be my preference. I personally would add two Play:1's instead and use them “bonded” to the Beam for Dolby 5.0 TV surround sound and “full” stereo music audio. It would be cheaper and the two Play:1’s would be close, if not almost equivalent in their sound, but provide better stereo separation.

That’s IMHO.
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If you really hate the Beam's sound there are better options than adding a Play 5 nearby, the meter plus distance would be good from a WiFi perspective but not for the sound.

If it is just low volume I'd say go with the Play 1s too, maybe set the system to "Enable Full Stereo" when listening to music. If it is just the lower frequencies you are missing a Sub might be a better upgrade.

I haven't tried this but a pair of Play 5s as a stereo pair grouped with the Beam as a center channel filler might sound pretty good but I'm betting the Beam and Sub would sound almost as good.