Cheapest way to hook up turntable and CD player to pair of Play 1’s?

  • 3 July 2020
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Hi all, I have a couple of old Play 1’s that I would like to connect to a U-Turn turntable and a Samsung CD player. I don’t want to have to mess with a receiver, either. What would be my cheapest bet to do that? Would an old Play 5 and a 3.5 mm connection switch (or whatever they call that) do me? Thanks for all of your help!

1 reply

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Depending on which version of the operating system you want to use (S1 or S2), you could look for a cheap used ZP80, ZP90 or Connect. The ZP80, ZP90 and early Connects will only run on S1. The later Connects will support S2.

Any of these will then let you connect the CD player and turntable to your Play 1’s. (You will need an RCA switch as the ZP80/90/Connect only has one set of Line In connections.) Your turntable will also have to have an inbuilt pre-amp stage, or an external pre-amp, to bring the signal up to Line In levels. 

I picked up a late model Connect for £70 and used this to connect my turntable. Probably cheaper than buying a used Play 5.