Can I integrate Sonos with a Marantz receiver?

  • 19 June 2020
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Sorry for asking a newbie question that’s been asked and answered before.

In our current house, the rooms and the backyard are wired for speakers. Our main use is watching TV on 3 Definitive XTR-60 speakers and a subwoofer on a Marantz SR6008, which also runs surrounds in the ceiling. I get Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, etc. on an LG TV, and play the sound back through the Marantz. Secondary use is streaming music over various wired speakers indoors and outdoors, all wired to the Marantz. This all works

We are moving to a house that’s not wired. My hope is to:

  • Hold onto the Definitive L/R/C/subwoofer
  • Add wireless surround speakers
  • Keep the SR6008 if possible. I have been thinking about upgrading to an SR8012. Will this help with the connectivity?
  • Use the TV as the source for Netflix/Amazon/Vudu. The TV does HDR, don’t want to lose that by streaming from a device that doesn’t
  • Place wireless speakers in a couple of rooms as well as one or two places in the backyard. Main use will be streaming music when we have people over

Everyone tells me I am stuck in the 80s, and Sonos is the way to go. OK, will do, but how?  I’m an EE and usually don’t mind tinkering, but with all the hassles of moving, want to do this the easy way


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