Buy a symfonisk instead of Boost?

  • 7 June 2020
  • 2 replies

I am using a sonos bridge right now but I am looking to replace it. I am wondering if a symfonisk does the network part as good as a boost. Because then i would buy that instead as they cost the same.

So, should I buy a sonos boost or a symfonisk?

2 replies

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As long as you hardwire 1 or more Sonos devices you can enjoy the Sonosnet connectivty. Does not have to be a boost. 

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The Boost radio system is reported to be slightly better than the ones in other Sonos devices but not usually enough to matter. I don’t k now about the IKEA unit’s radio but I’d think it is pretty good.

Have you considered a One SL that is lower priced than the full blown One?