Better Bass Reproduction & High Quality Audio Sound for Music listening

  • 25 May 2019
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I have been using 2 Play 1 speakers for home music audio, but... Bass reproduction is weak !!!!

To get the highest quality home audio music reproduction (with the highest quality bass sound reproduction) from SONOS, am I going to be more successful:

  1. Using 2 Play 1’s in stereo AND adding a Sub ? or...
  2. Using 2 Play 5’s in stereo?
Thank you in advance !!!

3 replies

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I don't have a Sub but from what I see posted here the 1s or Ones and a Sub is the way to go for a pure Sonos setup.

If you want the best sound dig out your wallet, get a Sonos Amp (not Connect Amp) add a pair of good floor standing speakers and a BIG sub. Add a DBX sub-harmonic synthesizer if you really want to feel the music. Play nice, spouse will not be so understanding the second time you break a window.
First, make sure that your play 1 pair is well placed because while not as good as the 3/5, bass isn't weak as such.
However the Sub will do more than just add bass reinforcement while playing loud; it will also retain music richness/presence while playing at low volume levels, something that is realised only once it is in the set up. And for this reason, I would go the Sub route rather than a 5 pair without one. And in up to a moderate size room, a 1 pair+Sub jumps into audiophile category, when music sound quality is objectively assessed.
But if you want, as you say, the best from Sonos, a 5 pair+Sub would be the way to go.
Stanley & Kumar -

Thank you you for the help re the Bass range. I traded in 2 of my Play 1’s for 2 Play 5’s, so now have very crisp bass for music !

I still need to add a Sub. I already own a highend-ish 15” Sub. Are there any limitations to the Sonos Amp to be able to power this? ie are there any characteristics/parameters of my sub that would make it incompatible w the Sonos Amp ?

Thank you