Best Sonos speaker setup for a medium-sized L-shaped living/kitchen area ?

Hi there. I'm about to buy my first Sonos speakers and am wondering about the best setup for my L-shaped living/kitchen area. It's not a huge space so I don't want to go overboard, but still want the best sound possible for up to around EUR 1.000. I have Amazon Echo already so don't need integrated Alexa. If possible, I'd like to hook it up to the TV too.

I was thinking about:
i) One Play 5
ii) Two Play 3s (set up in stereo for the living, area) plus a Play 1 for the kitchen area
iii) One sub plus three Play 1s; two set up in stereo in the living area and the third one for the kitchen area

Which option is better ? Or is there a different, better configuration that I've not considered ?

Thanks so much for your comments.

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Try the PLAY:3s, you’ll be happy. I’m astonished at their suggestion, however, for two reasons: 1) lost sale, and 2) how do they know what kind of music and how you like to listen to it?

My my ears and happiness are the ultimate arbiters of what is appropriate, not some minimum wage worker. I do live quite happily without a SUB for music purposes, but have two for movie watching in two different rooms.
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But as long as you like the outcomes you get from the 3 units, nothing else matters. The Sub may even not be necessary to that end.
Did they offer that advice even while having a Sub in stock?
both the salesmen there said the bass would be too much given the size of my room (about 30m2 living and another 15m2 kitchen).
No worries; did they tender that advice even while having a Sub in stock?
I’ve just left the hifi shop and somewhat amazingly, both the salesmen there said the bass would be too much given the size of my room (about 30m2 living and another 15m2 kitchen). So I have ordered two Play 3s and will see what it sounds like once these are up and going and decide about the sub after that. Nothing lost, everything still to gain😉

Thanks for all the advice.
Thank you !

Is it possible to have too much Sonos ?!🤷‍♀️

Seriously though, even for a small space, the Sub will transform the sound quality for the better in a noticeable way even when music is played at low sound levels. The sound will still remain rich and not sound thin which is what usually happens at low volume levels. The Sub isn't just for shaking the walls, though it does that quite well too. If you want a truly high quality music experience, the Sub must be there and it really does not then matter if the main speaker pair is a 1 or a 3 - so might as well save the money by not getting a 3 pair.
In the kitchen area, a single 3 will probably be ample and deliver better sound than a 1/One. Though a stereo play 1 pair will always trump that, if you can find the space for two.
On the obsolescence thing; I don't see much risk for up to five years from now. I would have been less concerned a few months ago, but recently Sonos has stepped up the weeding out of older kit, but even so, five more years for the play units should be safe.
Thanks for your replies. TV is not a must, especially if it means compromising music.
Now I understand why I’m seeing Play 1 and Play 3 discounted in my local store - they are older or discontinued models. I actually don’t mind though, as long as sound quality is the same.
The Play 3s are only €39 more than the Play 1s so if the sound quality is better, I don’t mind spending that bit more. But I wonder if 3 x Play 3 (plus a sub (if I buy it later) would be too much for my space.
Is it possible to have too much Sonos ?!🤷‍♀️
The Sonos Ones simply because they are a much later version of play 1 and therefore will be obsoleted later than the play 1 units - for sound quality there is no difference.
Put a Sonos One pair + Sub for the living room, and a single Sonos One for the kitchen area.
That would serve very well for music. You might even postpone the Sub and see if there really is a need for more bass before adding it to the One pair.
If you must have TV as well, someone else will come along with better suggestions; I don't use/know Sonos for TV - note though that this will not be best for the music side of things because doing both via Sonos involves a compromise.
The PLAY:3 has been discontinued, although some stores may still have stock.

If if I were you, I would probably go for the Sonos Ones plus the SUB.