best setup with what i already have

  • 6 December 2021
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so I’m kind of new in the Sonos environment. I already own a Sonos Symfoniks from IKEA.…


now I wanna get a little more serious. I would like to integrate all of my media together.

i got a turntable with rca connectors

2 very nice Denon analog speakers

an Lg Oled smart tv with HDMI arc or optical audio out. I think I can also stream the audio out via wifi from the tv.

And will be streaming music from IOS mobile device.

how do I link all of this together? Would a Sonos Connect be enough or I got to go with Sonos amp… I suppose I would need a Sonos beam as well for the tv…

I know it’s a lot of infos but any advice is welcome.




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1 reply

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Get an Arc or Beam (Gen 2) to connect to your TV. If you have the budget, add a Sonos Sub.

What model Denon speakers do you have? If they are passive speakers, get a Sonos Amp to power them and connect your turntable. If your turntable doesn’t have a phono preamp, you’ll need to add one. To save money, you could use the discontinued Connect:Amp but make sure it is a Gen 2 so it is compatible with the Sonos S2 app.