Best budget amp for Sonos Connect ZP80

  • 15 April 2019
  • 6 replies

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Can anyone recommend a good budget map to use with my turntable and my Connect ZP80 - I bought a 2nd hand amp but it had no Line Out so was useless - plugging the turntable into the Connect works but with minimal volume

how about something like this
Sunbuck 720W 5CH bluetooth Amplifier Amp LED Digital Stereo Home Karaoke
there are plenty on ebay for less that $100

as I said the turntable & cd player work when plugged directly into the Connect - I'm juts after a little more volume & the flexability of not having to plug and unplug components

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6 replies

Unless your turntable has a built in phono preamp you can't wire it directly to the Connect. Apart from having very low volume it would have the wrong frequency characteristic as the RIAA equalisation would be absent.

The budget amp you refer to doesn't appear to have a phono preamp/input either. You'd have to invest in a separate preamp.
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so are you saying I need a preamp & an amp?

or would an amp with a dedicated Phono line in work (as long as it still had a line out to the Connect)

My turntable is a Stanton T.92 USB

I can get a clear signal to the Sonos just not very loud, it's listenable, but I like it loud 😉
The CONNECT has only one input, so if you have multiple devices, any amp with a phono input as well as other inputs would be fine. Or, you could get a pre-amp, and a simple input switch so that you could switch between the devices you want to be playing through the CONNECT.
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ok thanks

I just played around with my set-up - connected the turntable to my (old) Sony amp (with no line out) - connected the Sonos Connect via the headphone jack and was able to get decent volume - but it's pretty muffled - I guess this could be due the amp being quite old - it doesn't sound too hot through normal speakers either (but maybe that cause I am spoilt by the great sound of the Sonos)

I guess I'll look around for new amp

thanks for the tips guys !
Or it could be that the volume wasn't turned up sufficiently on the headphone port. It's often not recommended to connect a Sonos device to a variable output, which is why you'll seem most people suggest that it gets connected to a line level output such as a tape out.
That turntable has a built-in phono preamp. Use the L1 or L2 outputs. Set the phono/line switch to “LINE”. Read the manual?