Beam or Arc ?

  • 5 August 2020
  • 1 reply

Our LR is 21ft  x17ft with9 ft ceiling, hook up will be to a Samsung TV with an Arc connection. (No eArc) 99‰ of time 2 adults watching/listening, to movies, news, sports, each of us sitting about 10 ft from the tv/speaker location, but each also sitting in different areas of the room-about 10 ft apart. We want to upgrade the sound quality from the tv speakers, particularly speaking voice such as news or conversation in a movie. We are not interested in excessive loudness or base. We also have a new Sonos 5 in the room, behind where we each sit & about 15/18 ft from tv/speaker location.

Question is will Beam w/o added components be sufficient for our sized LR & listening habits or do we need the arc? Also would pairing it with the  5 be an option?

Any suggestions or experience with similar conditions are appreciated. 

1 reply

My suggestion, with a room that size, is you’d be better off with an Arc, even though you didn’t mention the size of the TV. The wider sound field would be the key consideration.