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  • 8 December 2019
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I’ve just purchased a Sonos one sl and am wondering if it was a mistake! Not too bothered about great sound quality as these days my ears don’t know the difference. What I was after is the ability to move from one room to another and ideally have the radio and/or tv audio switched or playing the same in both rooms. First hurdle the speaker almost went back as you HAVE to have a Sonos account to use the thing – total rubbish! Having to have Android or IoS I knew about, but also see that as a total limitation to their products. Next was the radio aspect, I only bought it for the BeeB and it is not there…. Looking on the web this is a recent issue and little information on it being solved. But hey hoe by accident I find “local Radio” and thinking “okay I’ll look for my local station”. What do I get – everything BeeB! It would be simple for Sonos to put information out for local/Countrywide markets – come on. Finally I find it is likely to get my Samsung UE40MU6400 TV to play at all with the “one” I will need at least a “Beam”? If that is the case, will it let me lower the sound on the beam, with higher sound behind me on 1-2  “One sl” and perhaps occasionally swap the TV audio and/or Sonos radio between rooms?

Wifi in this small bungalow is not an issue and we don’t stream much or as I’ve said require real quality sound. Sorry for the moans above, but these old folks are like that.

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2 replies

If the ONE SL is your only SONOS product, there is no way to run the TV sound through the ONE SL. Yes, you can run the TV sound through a BEAM.

In SONOS parlance a “room” is a single speaker, a stereo pair of speakers, or a home theater setup. “Bonded” speakers (the pair or a home theater) operate as a “room” and you can individually control the Volume in each “room”. And, you can ship BEAM’s TV audio to any combination of rooms.

With respect to playing music behind you in the room with BEAM, I’m not sure what you are attempting to accomplish. Are you interested in home theater surround sound?

Finally, in many respects Internet radio is a lawless frontier. There are tens of thousands of stations, each doing it’s own thing without any central governing body. Services, such as TuneIn attempt to keep track of things, but a given station can change its details at any time without notifying anyone. Even if the station notifies TuneIn, it will require at least 24 hours for TuneIn to react. Further, some stations are deliberately avoiding TuneIn. Some of these station are available on

I think that I was able to find your station on TuneIn by searching for “B2”. I agree that searching can be difficult. Some stations are listed by their call letters, others are listed by frequency, and most use some sort of marketing slogan that may not be unique. (“Soft Rock”, “City News”, etc.) I found your station by using an Internet search, then I visited the station’s website and noticed the “B2”. On a hunch I used “B2” to search TuneIn.

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Thanks for the great reply Buzz, answers it all. Whoops! Sorry I should have known there would be a lot from the USA here “BeeB” is a pet name for BBC and I did find all their stations on/in “Local radio”. I should also have explained the sound behind me with the BEAM aspect lower is just the TV late on when the noise could disturbe my neighbour. Basically I would want to mainly listen to the TV from the rear speakers. Thank you again for all your help.