Audiophile rabbit hole

  • 28 September 2020
  • 2 replies

Hey guys, first post.

I had a Denon amp and some B&W 601 speakers which I decided to get rid of once I bought a Playbar. I still enjoy the Playbar for music, but find myself just wanting….more.

I grew up with a really nice (although not insanely priced) Hi-Fi in the house. In fact my Dad still has it and it still sounds great. I’m always trying to find something that captures what that system will do. Clear but warm, tight bass that doesn’t boom but nonetheless goes deep and good stereo separation.

I recently went to a large chain Hi-Fi store and tried some gear that totalled around £1300 and while it sounded good, wasn’t enough of an improvement on the Playbar for me to part with the money. I’ve now started looking at much more expensive options - you might say I’m standing at the edge of the audiophile rabbit hole, peering down.

However, before I go down this road, what do you think - should I try and get the aforementioned “more” from Sonos, and what would be the route for that? A Sub? A pair of Fives? The funny thing with the Fives I’ve heard in shops - and this is quite possibly down to the shop environment - I haven’t enjoyed them as much as my pair of Play 1’s.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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2 replies

Get the sub on a returnable basis and see how it sounds bonded to the play 1 pair, the latter kept the way stereo hifi speakers are.

That ought to give you audiophile quality sound outside the rabbit hole.

And do the true play thing even if you have to borrow an iPhone to do it.