Arc Update?

  • 8 June 2020
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Over time I have bulit up a pretty solid Sonos system in my house with a Playbar, Sub 2, and 2 play 1 setup in two separate rooms.  I also have two Play 5 with a Sub and 2 other Play 1 throughout my house.

I’m tempted to sell off some of my current products to upgrade to the Arc.  I’m just wondering if it makes sense.  Some of my system I do not use too frequently so I am willing to downsize.

What is everyone’s thoughts?

3 replies

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As very few will have heard Arc yet it will be hard to say.

I have Playbar and Sub. Very pleased with them and do not feel the urge to upgrade.

To me imaging is the weakness of Sonos. I would not expect Atmos to be mind blowing. There again it might be!

I guess if you have surplus stuff to sell out might be fun to have the latest and greatest. I recently sold my Play5 on eBay very fast and for a decent price, so that's an option.

One minor thing. You do know the Arc is about 250mm longer? May or may not be important to you. 

A question for you, how big an upgrade is adding a Sub to a pair of 5’s if only listening at low volume? 

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Thanks for the feedback.  I am thinking about upgrading because I feel like now is when I would get the best value for my current equipment.  It could just be being quarantine bored and the fact that it is the first upgrade I have been interested in a few years.  I also am unsure if I feel like the hassle of putting stuff up for sale either.


The way you described your listening habits, I do not think a sub will be that big of an upgrade.  That being said, I really do like the sub with the 5’s as it creates a fuller soundstage.  I just don’t think you will get your money’s worth if only listening at a low volume.  

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It's really not that much hassle to sell stuff on eBay. Like you at first I thought I can't be bothered but did it and it was very easy. I hear you on the resale of your products. I say go for it. Thanks for the response to my question BTW.