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Great news! Mine also shipped, should receive on Monday, unless this terrible weather delays it.


Hi guys 

what’s your latest arc order movements / 

mid feb here in Ireland I was checking stock local and Sonos , none … u could imagine ,

retailers here have the white , but black is like hens teeth …..

sonos site says ships approx one month after ordering (this from mid feb for me  )

I Ordered from main Sonos site for expected delivery of 7th  may one week ago 

guys who ordered there’s feb get them in March ?

online retailers here are now saying 

“ will NOT be back in stick for forsewabke future “

doesn't sound good !  




It’s a fairly common thing across all devices that use computer chips. Companies like Apple, Ford, and Tesla, to name just a few, are equally being hit by the current chip shortage caused by both issues where the chips are manufactured, and the ongoing shipping issues caused by the pandemic. If the chips aren’t for sale, Sonos can’t buy them in order to make their own speakers.

 I suggest that people post location, date of purchased, ship date. 


Ordered March 29th

Shipped April 9th 


 I suggest that people post location, date of purchased, ship date. 


Ordered March 29th

Shipped April 9th 

Thnks for your reply 

i was about to order mine around that date and estimated shipping was about 28th of April  I think 

left it a few days to order and shipping slipped a full week to 5th may 

was your expected delivery around end of April …


if so maybe we dont have to wait a full month for shipping 

Expected delivery at that time was April 16th. 

orderd mine on March 12th and just got it delivered today!!!!!


I ordered my Arc March 17th and it said it was on backorder until April 9. Well, it’s April 10th and there is no update. Any idea when this will ship. See other USA orders made after mine that say they have had theirs shipped.  What’s going on here?!


Preorder update 


black arc

ordered 5th April (expected shipping was 7th may )

Gone  to processing today and credit has been charged !!



Shipping times on main site has also been reduced by 2 weeks to 30th April !!


more stock ….or cancellations !!?  

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Ordered the 5.1.2 Arc system 4/20. No updates since. 

Same issue here but with reseller in France… impossible to get a date … I ordered the 23/05 and they still have no idea on when Sonos will give them some ARCs… 

Same in The Netherlands…

Order is from 1 of April :-( 

This takes way to long!