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  • 6 April 2017
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I am about to buy a Play 1 to use with my android phone. I do not use any music streaming services such as Pandora but simply shuffle through my own onboard songs. Will Sonos let me do this? Thanks in advance

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8 replies

Thanks for that Keith. 😃
Yes, it is!


Thanks for this Contemplative. I am currently using an external drive but will certainly look into Google play music. I'm not sure if it's available here in the UK but will check it out. Thankyou.
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I believe Google play music allows you to upload your own music to their free service for streaming. That will remove the need or dependency on your PC or phone, but there is a limit (50,000 songs) which I believe is reasonable for most users and the obvious internet connectivity and bandwidth used
Thank you so much Lerro for reassuring me! I shall now proceed and order my Play 1 from Amazon. Thanks again.
Mondobongo, I just got my first Play 1 yesterday and I to have 200 gigs or more of music and I cant be happier right now being able to stream all my music to other places in the house. Its very easy to import your music folders into there interface.
The only thing is and this may be obvious but you need to keep your PC with the music on all the time.(not a big deal for me).

I do have to say I called the support line twice yesterday for set up quistions and I didn't spend anytime on hold, they were great walking me through some things for setting up and my library.

Im ready to buy another one!!!!!!!

Buy the way some of the Streaming channels they offer are free and its cool searching around the Music services.
Good Luck
Thanks for your prompt reply jgatie. Much appreciated! Can I also just ask is it simple to "select all" songs to be made into a playlist as I have around 40Gb of mp3s and the thought of ticking thousands of check-boxes is unthinkable.
Yes, it will. You might find it easier to play your songs from a PC or NAS drive than your phone, but it will work. The PC/NAS just makes it easier to store, and other people can play from the same library using the app on their phone.