Amp Backorder, is it actually shipping?

  • 20 January 2022
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I ordered a Sonos amp 12/24. Ship date was supposed to be 1/14 but now they are saying it’s delayed and don’t know when it will ship. My question is has anyone actually been receiving their orders at all or does the ship date just keep getting pushed back for everyone?  I’ve noticed these expected ship dates being displayed for the last 6 months. Has anyone actually received one?  

22 replies

Received the same email, which makes sense. If they’re having trouble getting items in to their warehouse to ship out, most people who have existing orders would be getting that email.

Likely due to the chip shortage, combined with the shipping issues from overseas which are mostly due to the pandemic. 

If you have some patience, I am certain that Sonos will ship us the items just as soon as they can, after all, they’re in business to make money, and wouldn’t want to hold on to purchased items longer than absolutely required for processing. 

I get that I’m just trying to see if there are still people from 6-12 months ago or more still waiting based on that same email. 

No, I believe this is the first occurrence of the shipping delay email that people saw recently.  And although I have not ordered anything recently to verify personally, people are still continuing to post about products they just received.

However, that doesn’t really say anything about when you’ll be getting your amp.

I’m somewhat curious as to what you think may be happening here, @Guitarest . Do you expect that Sonos is holding back on selling items that physically exist in their warehouse?  

No. It’s very simple. I’m trying to find out how long the wait will be. Are there 5 orders waiting ship or 5000?  It’s very vague to say, we will update when it’s ready to ship”. How long is that?  If they simply don’t have stock and haven’t had stock for months or a year and everyone is waiting then I’d like to know that 

Gotcha. I suppose it might (and I use that word cautiously) depend on the shipping company, rather than Sonos. And by that I mean the company that ships the devices from the manufacturing plant to the Sonos warehouse, not the company that takes the device from Sonos and delivers it to you. I can see a world in which the shipping companies are making promises that Sonos is passing on to us, and then when that promise is broken, Sonos is left “holding the bag” and has to send us emails. 

As to how many orders they have, as well as how many devices are to be delivered to them, it would seem odd to me to expect a company to publish that kind of information, since they’re in a competitive market, and other companies might be able to use that kind of intelligence.

I’m not happy about waiting, myself, for my Amp….but as I posted in a similar thread a week or so ago, I’m sanguine about being patient. I’m sure that Sonos is doing everything possible to sell product, they want to be a profitable company, so that both their investors, and employees are happy. But I don’t want them to continue to make promises to me that they don’t really know that they can’t keep, since they’ve already broken one ship date. I much prefer the “as soon as we can, we’ll let you know” aspect of that process. I just don’t want my expectations improperly set, especially if they don’t have control over the issues they’re faced with. 

I’m not looking for the company to answer. I was more looking to see if anyone else would respond saying they’ve been waiting for month and that their ship date has been pushed multiple times. That would have given me a good idea of the likelyhood of receiving it or not any time soon. 

I’m not looking for the company to answer. I was more looking to see if anyone else would respond saying they’ve been waiting for month and that their ship date has been pushed multiple times. That would have given me a good idea of the likelyhood of receiving it or not any time soon. 


I ordered Arc, Sub, 2 One SL the day after US Thanksgiving.  The 2 One SL shipped/arrived a week before the estimated ship date, the Arc and Sub arrived on the est. ship date.

Others have seen the same items pushed to a later date, so it appears to be a roll of the dice.

I placed an order for 2 Sonos one SL’s on Dec 26. Gave me an estimate date of Jan 5. Still waiting on them. 

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I ordered two Amps in August and received them in November, so there is definitely not a year’s worth of backlog.

I ordered a set of the one SL speakers in white on 11/3/21 with a ship date of 01/04/22, still have not received them, heard from them on 01/09 in an answer to my question on order status and was basically told... backorders would be shipped out first once they receive them.

Oh great. The ones I purchased were refurbished so I guess I’ll be waiting at least another month. 

I ordered a set of the One SL speakers in October 2021 with an “earliest” ship date of 1/04/22.

I still have not received the speakers, nor any shipping confirmation. Emailed Sonos Support to gather any information, and they did all but encourage me to cancel my order. 

I ordered 2 amps on 12/21 and had the same 1/14 ships from date as you. Received the same email you did. Still waiting as well.

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I ordered an Amp on 4/3/22 - still waiting.  For Current orders, as of 6/6, it shows estimated ship date of Aug 26, 2022.  Crazy!


Same problem – I ordered a Sonos Amp on January 24th, 2022, and am still waiting for my unit to be delivered. Current ETA went from June, to July, now probably August – 8 months from order to (projected) delivery!

Ordered 9 amps in mid April. Sonos has blown through 3 promised ship dates. Beyond frustrated. 

Got an update on my Sonos Amp order from January 2022 today - delayed again until at least September 2022! Seems like Sonos is backlogged by about a year right now.

Now I finally understand by they’re +$200 on eBay. You want it now? You have to pay for it!

I ordered two on 04/30/22, expected to ship from 06/24/22. Clearly that didn’t happen. I keep thinking it’s imminent, but based on what you all are saying and experiencing, I don’t think I’ll have them even by the October date they’re advertising for new orders as of today.

Why don’t they just update the delivery estimates to be realistic? No way they’re delivering new orders for October right now.

All the CEO and leadership team are getting is a bunch of pissed off people. This is uncharacteristically Sonos, to me. Grrrrrr.

Oh no, I just ordered 3 amps yesterday with the impression they would ship by anticipated date shared by Sonos; October. Looks like I need to adjust my expectations after reading this. 

I expect all depends on the chip shortage internationally, and the ongoing shipping issues. 

I *think* Sonos does their best to be realistic, in order to manage expectations, but I think even they can be caught out by unforeseen events. 

I ordered an amp early May.  Here's a lengthy email response I got yesterday: 


We’re sorry to let you know that there was a delay in shipping your items. This is due to the recent system update that we are currently experiencing. Because of this, we failed to ship out items as we promised. Although there are still features that we’re still working on, we're happy to let you know that our system that assigns orders for shipping is up and running. 

Orders are now moving and we can guarantee you that once we dispatch your order, you'll get an email containing your tracking details. 

We apologize for the delay in shipping this item to you and we understand that this is important. We would like to seek your patience as we are still catching up with the backlogs we currently have because of the system update that we have.

We are sorry that you had to experience this and I know you are excited to get your speaker. I'd just like to let you know that we had an update of our system and we only started shipping items back on May 4. Orders placed prior to this will still have priority as inventory restocks and becomes available for the item/s on the order, we're truly sorry for any inconvenience.

We are currently tending to all orders with urgency. In addition, we have expedited all orders impacted by the system update and our warehouse is working double time ensuring all items are shipping on time.