Alexa voice remote with Sonos One or Echo Dot and Play 5

  • 23 December 2017
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I'm very interested in replacing my Echo w/ Alexa voice remote in my office at work with an Alexa-connected or enabled Sonos speaker. I'd really like to continue to use the Alexa remote so I don't have to continuously be calling out commands to Alexa (once and a while is ok, but the remote really helps with a quick pause, song skip or volume adjustment).

I'd love to set up one or two Sonos One speakers in the office but it looks like there is no way to connect the Alexa remote to Sonos One. If I missed something on that front, please let me know.

So I think my only (?) real option is to combine an Echo Dot with a Play 5 through the line-in - and then link the Alexa voice remote with the Echo Dot.

With that set-up, I'm looking for some feedback:
(1) can I control the volume of the Play 5 through the Alexa remote (and skip songs, pause, etc.)?
(2) I've read that the line-in can actually degrade the sound qualify on the Play 5 (because of the analog-digital conversion? or something like that), is that truly the case?
(3) If the answer to #2 is yes, does the sound quality improve if I start playing Spotify on the Play 5 directly through the Sonos app?
(4) If #3 is a yes, can I still control the volume on the Play 5 (and skip songs, etc.) with the Alexa remote if I am not "playing" the music through the Dot?

Sorry for the random questions. Thanks in advance for any insight or guidance on this issue. And feel free to ask for clarification or to challenge my assumptions. Thanks!

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