Advice on purchasing due to WIFI?

  • 25 December 2016
  • 5 replies

Hi all, okay bit of a complicated one so crack the popcorn out, im currently in university halls and my only source of WIFI is a restricted network and therefore renders my play 3 useless since i want to use spotify. So im thinking of buying a 2nd generation play 5 (for use in the future not just to solve my problem), however do you still need WIFI to set up and use the Line-in functionality on the speaker, also with Line-in can you use youtube or just controller supported music sites?

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5 replies

You do need to set up on a network before going offline with line in. With a line in then YouTube is a possibility.

Depending on the restrictions, you may be able to use a travel router connected to the university halls wifi. That is the best solution if feasible.
Hi John, so what you're saying is as long as i set the speaker up on a network (my family home) and then take it to my flat i can then use the line-in without the need of any network at all? And perfect thanks for your help
Yes. You also have to set up Autoplay on the speaker before detaching from network.
Okay, thanks for your support ill look into this!