Advice for replacing Sonos Connect for iMac

  • 29 September 2020
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Hi, so I’ve been using an older Yamaha home theatre amp & 5 speaker + sub woofer set-up as my audio output for my iMac. My default audio (i.e. apps & internet streaming) was via the standard headphone jack output from the iMac to the Yamaha receiver - I also play guitar through the iMac (GarageBand and Rocksmith) and this worked a treat and no noticeable lag & able to handle the output. I then also have a Sonos Connect (legacy ZP90!) which uses the optical line so it’s just a case of switching the input channel on the Yamaha to go between using it as a default computer speaker or Sonos zone.

But the Yamaha amp has now finally died and with my Connect being legacy product I'm looking to make use of the trade-up scheme (I also have an old S5, another ZP90 / Connect & a Boost to trade-in). The other replacements are straightforward but I'm struggling with deciding how to replace the iMac set-up. Ideally I'd like to just switch out the defunct amp & Connect for a simple speaker solution - but I’ve seen comments posted on SONOS not being marketed as computer speakers and I'm not sure if the new Play 5 would have too much lag or output of the guitar (I trialled my existing S5 and the lag was unbearable and it couldn't handle some of the low guitar notes). 

I guess I could go with something similar and use a Port with a replacement 3rd party amp (and current speakers / woofer) but wondered if there’s another way? 

1 reply

Hi. The lag is the same on all Sonos music players and speakers with a line-in, past and present. It is there to allow multiroom sync when playing music.