Additions to a Playbar

  • 23 June 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi guys. I’ve had my playbar about a year now and Use it for tv, gaming & playing my streamed music. 

I’ve just moved to a new house and want to add on some additional speakers I can place around the house and be able to listen to music wherever I go. 

What would be my best option here? I don’t want them to negatively affect the playbar but I also don’t want a speaker in my bedroom to be playing the sound from the TV when I’m downstairs watching Netflix. 


1 reply

The best option is going to depend on the particular room you want to put Sonos speakers in.  Adding speakers to your system is not going to negatively impact the playbar in anyway.  You would set the new speakers as a separate room(s).  Each room can play it’s own music separately, or grouped to play in sync with the playbar.  So you certainly can play music in the bedroom, and netflix in the family room, for example.