Adding Fives to Beam for Surround; Will Turntable Support Surround?

  • 10 June 2020
  • 3 replies

I am looking to expand my Sonos collection with the addition of two Five speakers. I currently own a Beam that is connected to my TV, and I want to make sure that they’re going to work the way I hope before purchasing. I’m looking to confirm the following:

  1. Adding two Fives will allow me to have a surround sound experience while watching my TV. I use the optical audio input to pull the audio from the TV, and I want to make sure that I’ll be able to set up surround sound by placing the two Fives in the back of the room (and that there is some way to configure them as rear L and R speakers).
  2. I can use a turntable connected to one of the Fives and have some sort of ‘surround’ setup. It’s my understanding that I can move my fives next to a turntable, hook it up to one of them, and if they’re oriented upright, it will play out of both speakers in a L/R configuration. Additionally my beam can also play as well.
  3. On this turntable topic, I am hoping that for parties I can also have the turntable connected to a Five lying on it’s side, and the move the other Five to another room, and essentially have sound throughout my entire home - playing through both Fives and the beam.

Finally, I am wondering how setting up speakers works, specifically if there some way to save ‘profiles’ or similar, where the configuration of the speakers is saved so that I don’t have to redo the entire setup whenever I move them around? (i.e. save a configuration for surround watching TV, playing records, party mode, etc.)

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3 replies

Hi Daniel. Following your numbering.

1 Yes, but I would say that Fives are way OTT as rear  speakers for the Beam.

2. No. The nature of the way surround speakers connect to the network means the line in is disabled. (Orientation is irrelevant, btw)

3. Answer 2 rules this out. Switching surround speakers in and out is a pain anyway.

My advice would be to use One SLs for the surrounds and a separate Five or a Port for the turntable. (Personally I would go for a Five)

3. Answer 2 rules this out. Switching surround speakers in and out is a pain anyway.

To clarify, does this mean that if I were to take your suggestion (One SLs for surround, Five for the turntable speaker), would I not be able to have all of the speakers playing when my turntable is connected to the Five?

One SLs are on sale at Costco, so I may go pick up a couple today. This option of One SLs was the second option I was considering.

You could play the turntable on your whole system. You could even play the turntable on the HT system and something different on the Five if you were so inclined!