Adding a Beam and 2x Play1's to existing set up

  • 6 September 2019
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I am running 2x Play 5's (gen2) and a Sub which are primarily used to play music. One of the Play5's is connected to the TV via the 3.5mm audio jack as a stereo Theatre for the TV and PS4. I'd like to buy a Beam and 2x Play1's for a proper 5.1 Home Theatre.

I guess what i am trying to ask is how easy is it to run the sub and Play5's for music then swap the Sub over to the Beam and Play1's when i am watching a movie or gaming? Also does buying Play1's make the 5's redundant by simply playing music and TV from the Beam, 1's and Sub? Is the 5.1 going to sound almost as good for music as a pair of 5's and Sub?

My other quandary is i considered using the 5's as rears but i like the Play 5's where they are aesthetically and having to rear mount such as large speaker is going to look ugly compared to a pair of 1's for the rear.

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