Adding 2 more speakers in same (outside) area - How To?

  • 6 June 2019
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I'm adding a covered patio to my home. Currently I have a Connect:Amp that drives (2) Stereo Input speakers under my existing patio. When I add (2) more speakers to the new area, I'd like to have combined source control but independent volume control over each "section" (a. Existing patio speaker set, and b. New patio speaker set).

Logically this points me to adding another Connect:Amp for the new patio/new speaker set, but I'm interested to know if others might have a different idea. (I know about adding a Connect with a multi channel amp for all 4 speakers, but then I lose the app based volume control over each set of speakers)

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2 replies

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If you can deal with the lower maximum volume levels you can add a speaker controller between the speakers and the Connect Amp that will manage the impedance and volume settings.

With the connect you still have app based volume control if you enable it. You set the amp's volume to be as loud as you'll want the sound and then use the Connect's control to lower it.
Thanks Stanley_4 much appreciated.