Add more play 1's or a sub?

  • 3 July 2020
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New to the world of Sonos  and I need some thoughts from the more experienced owners. I apologize if it has been hashed out previously. I currently have a pair of play 1's set up in my wide open 1st floor plan (25' x 40') living room, dinning room and kitchen. They sound great and I was wondering if I should add 2 more play 1's, a sub or other to "fill" the room with more music? Typically listen to a variety of music at normal volumes, sometimes a little louder. Thanks in advance for your help, Jeff

1 reply

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IMHO a sub won’t help to fill the room with music, so additional speakers would be my recommendation. 

Play:1’s are available but not in current production so a pair of One or One SL is a very similar sound and footprint, or the new Five if you can push the budget.