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  • 12 June 2020
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Apologies if this is in the wrong place. A friend asked what I thought of my new 5’s. It occurred to me that my answer forms the basis of a review and someone thinking of buying Sonos might be interested. 

I think that there is a difference between Sonos and an audiophile set up. 
It does sound artificial. You cannot really alter physics. The sound is processed to sound enjoyable. 
What I didn't like about the single speaker was that there was no spread of sound. What there is now has exceeded my expectations on that front. This has eliminated the boombox sound. 
The bass is boosted in the lower mid but with the DSP is reasonably controlled and doesn't swamp everything else. Without it, it does rather. 
The ideal remains a really nice pair of conventional speakers in a good room. In my room, I have never got any imaging to speak of. The Sonos throws sound way beyond the cabinets but it is rather diffuse. It's a nice effect and I am happy with it overall as a compromise. 

I have tried conventional hifi in this room but it never sounded particularly good. The dimensions of the room are hopeless for acoustics. I'm pretty sure that solutions exist but I'm equally sure that it would cost several times what I paid for a pair of 5’s. It would also be complicated to set up and involve much electronics, stands and cables. To have two modest sized boxes that blend into their environment and are pretty much plug and play will do fine for me. 

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