5.1 setup or stereo Fives for music

  • 17 August 2020
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Dear community,

Since I’m upgrading my Sonos Ones I would like to ask your advice again.

Currently I own two Sonos Ones and music is the most important but I also watch tv.

Who has experience with both setups and can tell me their opinion.


For music: 5.1 vs stereo five ?

(5.1 being beam sub 2 ones) 

Is there a quality difference and is it much or are both setups equal ? I normally do prefer music from 1 direction (stereo).. but maybe the 5.1 makes it omnidirectional?


Again, many thanks!


3 replies

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Hi @Nadian, thank you for reaching out.

For your questions, The 5.1 can be set to Full setting or Ambient for the surround speakers the Sonos Ones. Setting > System > [5.1 Room] > Surround Audio > Music Playback.

This Full setting will make the surround speakers as an extra pair of stereo speakers during Music Playback. This setting doesn’t work the TV audio.

The Ambient setting is primarily used for the TV’s audio from TV channels with background sounds.

So, when playing music in a 5.1 Sonos Home theater system and the surround speakers in Full setting; the surround speakers will act like normal speakers during playback. 

For the comparison, either should be fine for music the only advantage the 5.1 has is the extra speakers at the back and the sub.

Hopefully, some of the community members can give you their opinions and hands-on experience with the topic.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

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Hi @Kyle A, thanks for your reply. Is there also the option to make only the rears with sub play for music ? So to mute the beam ? I’ve tried the beam before, for music i don’t like it that much..   

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Hi @Nadian, thank you for the update.

The Home Theater Setup is considered 1 room in the system as the Surround and Sub are directly bonded to the Soundbar as satellite speakers.

We don’t have the feature to mute the Master speaker without muting the Surround and Sub. 

Basically, The Soundbar(Master Speaker) is also controlling the Surround and Sub( the satellite speakers) as one room.

The Fives are great speakers if you wish to try them out; we do have the 45-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can return it and get your money’s worth back.

Or, you can wait for a Community Sonos User to respond to this thread and give you their experience with the Fives.

Hopefully, some of the community members can share and give their opinions.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.