5.1 Home Theater

  • 5 January 2020
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I have a Sonos Beam and 2 of One SL's for the rears. As it stands this is very good but better stereo separation and broader surround at at the front would be great. 

What would be great is the option to add 2 more One SL's as dedicated fronts with the beam as a dedicated centre channel.


Anyone else interested in this?

1 reply

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I’ve posted my “want please” request before today: 


I’d like to see a HT product which is, in effect, the Centre speaker together with decoder for DD, DD+ and DTS. FL and FR speakers could then be any Sonos speaker pair, bonded to the central one - ie One’s or Play:5’s . They can be placed to give a wider sound stage, and then double up as your traditional stereo speakers. Rear surrounds would also need to be supported, of course. (A unit like this could potentially also support 7.1 and Atmos!)