2x play 1s and sub or play 5

  • 24 December 2019
  • 3 replies

Hi guys already have a gen 1 play one was looking at adding another and the sub or a play 5 for my living room of around 25 Square meters thanks for any help 


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3 replies

Depends on your ears, and availability. Finding a PLAY:1, now that they’re discontinued, will be harder than average, albeit not impossible. Note that there is a PLAY:1 and a Sonos One, but no Play One. Since you used the term gen 1, I’ll assume you mean a Sonos One, gen 1, which will stereo pair with any other Sonos One, or Sonos One SL.

My preference is for a wider sound stage with a good separation, so I’d go with another Sonos One, and a SUB to bond with them. But I’m also a fan of the PLAY:5, its got good bass, even without a SUB, but the stereo separation is less, since it’s a smaller cabinet.

Basically, it’s up to what you think your ears prefer. There’s no wrong answer, both options are great.

Thanks Bruce sorry I did mean One I have a decent at the time marantz and monitor audio setup but I can't have wires all over the place so was hoping to somewhat recreate that with the sonos setup thanks for your input


Been there, done that. Used to have a couple of nice Sony devices, with all the attendant wires, and good speakers. Gave it all up for Sonos, and haven’t looked back. Took a little adjustment, truth be told, but I’m quite pleased with my system.