2 x Play:5 OR Play:5 + Sub

  • 20 March 2019
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So, my Zeppelin Air has finally given up the ghost. The Zeppelin Original I had before it died in a similar fashion, so I am moving from Bowers & Wilkins to Sonos.

I am definitely getting a Play:5 but I am not sure what to pair it with. Another Play:5 or a Sub?

I live in an apartment, these 2 devices (whichever combo I get) will be in the same room. I listen to a lot of EDM, R&B, Hip-Hop etc., so bass matters to me. But I don't know whether a Play:5 + Sub is "overkill" on the bass front, or whether 2 x paired Play:5s would do a better overall job?

All thoughts appreciated from people with similar configs.

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3 replies

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Save some money, get two Sonos Ones with the Sub.

I have that at home and it sounds great. Otherwise if you want to splurge I'd say get two Play:5's for the stereo pair
Thanks for your reply. Is the difference between the Sonos One and Play:1 ONLY that the One has AirPlay, Alexa support and different touch controls? Only because I use neither Alexa nor AirPlay... Just wondering if there is a sound difference...?
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Essentially yes. Sound wise the Play:1 and One are the same.
Just features and some better internals regarding the chipset and RAM (to allow Airplay and Alexa.)