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  • 21 November 2018
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Hello Guys, I am a newbie and this is my first post in this forum. Looking to add to my existing 2 x Play 1 speakers. I am going to use this setup WITHOUT a tv in a medium sized room.

Can you please let me know which one of these (or something else) might be the best possible setup for music streaming purposes only?

1. 2 x Play 1 speakers (existing) + Sub
2. 2 x Play 1 speakers (existing) + Beam
3. 2 x Play 1 speakers (existing) + Play 5
4. 2 x Play 1 speakers (existing) + Anything else?

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5 replies

So, it's not clear to me (and it might be just me), but are the 2 x PLAY:1 speakers in your responses the ones you already have, or are they additional ones?

If it were me, and I had just 2 PLAY:1s, and was adding something for a medium sized room for just music, I'd do the SUB.

But in all honesty, it's not about what I'd do, it's about what your ears want, and what your finances can deal with.

The only reason to get a Beam, IMHO, is if you were to be connecting it to a TV, otherwise, I'd just stick with the PLAY:x speakers.

Hope this is at least mildly helpful 🙂
Thx a lot! One of the the post I searched in this forum seemed to suggest Play1s + Beam, and since it is much cheaper than the SUB (also the possibility of adding this setup to my tv later down the line!) it caught my attention.
Wouldn't be my recommendation, but as I suggested, different horse for different courses, or maybe different speakers for different ears.

But then again I don't own a Beam. But if I were playing music, I'd do the pair of PLAY:1s and the SUB.
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The Play 1 and Beam combo is cheaper than a Sub but that is like saying a dish washer is cheaper than a clothes washer. Both are washers but the design is very different as they serve different purposes.

A Beam is intended for use with a TV in a small room to give a nice wide sound field with a center channel for TV viewing, it will play music but that is a freebie secondary purpose. You can also add other Sonos speakers to the Beam as surround, rear channel speakers, then you also get a Full mode that makes the setup better for music - in some opinions. (Play Bar and Base are for larger rooms and are older tech.)

If I was doing music (setting aside my prejudices against microphones) I'd go with a pair of Sonos Ones initially and add a Sub as soon as funds were available. That is optimal bang for the buck in music reproduction.

A second choice would be a pair of Play 5s and skip the Sub but far too many folks here have said that doesn't compare well to the above and adding a Sub to improve it wastes much of the money spent on the 5s versus the Ones.

If you want cheaper you could go to Play 1s instead of Sonos Ones but make sure you won't miss all that you give up.
Thx so much @Stanley_4 @Airgetlam. I have decided add a Sub to my existing 2 x Play-1s.