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Music Cutting out

Same problem loads of people are having. &nbsp

Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol

I wanted to post a few clarifications regarding SONOS and Spanning Tree Protocol that have been raised in this thread. SONOS ZonePlayers use 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) for loop prevention between wir...

Playbar sounds cuts intermittently out when playing TV

Playbar sounds drops intermittently when playing TV audio. Does not happen when playing other sources. Happens every few minutes, but is not consistent. Playbar is connected wirelessly to a bridge. Al...

Web Controller Software - Perl based

I've built a very simple web based Controller, if folks want to try it out. It is written in Perl, so it will run on a Unix box or probably a Mac. However you can use any browser with it. http://ww...

sonos playlist export or back up

I have had my 4 zone players and 3 controllers since Sonos got started. I love them. Two years ago, one of my ZPs broke and I had to get a replacement from Sonos. Before I realized it, all my playl...

Zone player/bridge with a hard drive

I would like to see a zone that has a built in hard drive. I really started thinking this would be nice in an ampless model that I could throw in my car on long trips and plug into the aux input on m...

Lost A Room On the Sonos App

Hi, I went on my phone and went on to the Sonos App , i went down to click T Bedroom and it wasn't there. It completely has disappeared and I can't listen to my music through Sonos. It has always work...

ZonePlayer COM Object

I have created two seperate Windows Script Components to allow discovery and control of a ZonePlayer via VBScript. These are based on the Microsoft UPnP.dll and allow for easy interrogation and contro...

No sound on certain channels after system update today.

Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for...

Deciding on a DAC and Sonos connection for an audiophile room

I mostly use Sonos for multi-room ambient sound. But I am trying to build a hi fi room that is connected to my Sonos. I would like to play lossless files stored on my computer (computer located in a...

External DAC Opinions Sought

My soon-to-be setup: BR100 > ZP90 > McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amp > B&W CM9 Loudspeakers While this is not a high-end system, it's not a boombox either. I'm wondering if an external DAC would be be...

sonos doesn't show my complete itunes library.

I have for example artists named Blue Knights. In my itunes library I show three albums for a total of 21 songs. When I bring up the sonos app on my macbook pro, and load music library, it only show o...

Samsung remote won't control volume

I just bought a UN65K8000F and a Sonos playbar. I can get the sound working, but the remote control won't register to change the volume up and down (only the sonos app works). Please help!

An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002)

I keep getting this error all the time and nothing has changed in my system. Why is this happening?

"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer"

Has anyone found a solution to this issue? I am able to playback music if I only use 1 zone, once a second zone is added the music is cut off and the buffer message appears. This has only happened...

PLAY:5 stand-by power consumption and turning off

Hi, I recently acquired a PLAY:5 and I'm very happy with it, but there is something I think would be nice to improve: Stand-By power consumption. I realized that when I hit pause in the controller ap...

Sonos <> Crestron Integration

I’ve seen the topic of controlling zone players from crestron control systems a few times on this forum. I recently wrote a windows service that listens for basic commands sent via rs232 from a Cre...

Exploring the Sonos control API (was Developers diary)

After having to deal with many misconceptions about the Sonos control capability (and subsequent arguments by people trying to justify those misconceptions) I thought I would step up and try to show t...

New Beatles on USB, Flac files 24 bit

http://www.macworld.co.uk/digitallifestyle/news/index.cfm?newsid=27638 So will Sonos play these 24bit Flac files?? Please Sonos give us High Rez support.

Sonos app skips to next song before the current one has finished playing

I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a so...

Sonos and Synology Disk Station

I try to setup my Synology DS412+ (DSM 5.1) as a music server for my Sonos system. Could you please help me how do I have to setup my Synology for that? Do I have to install some additional Software...

Connecting my Samsung Smart TV to my new Sonos One

How do I connect my new Sonos One to my Samsung Smart TV? Thanks.

I don't see SONOS in my wireless network when I try to set up my Sonos!

When I try to set up my Sonos, it says to connect to a wireless network called SONOS. I do not see this appear in the list of available networks. I've set up this Sonos before and it worked fine, all...

Connection with Spotify lost - again and again and again

Connection with Spotify is lost. I get this message track after track - nothing will play. Spotify plays OK with their desktop app and plays no problem on my other devices. I use Qobuz on Sonos too...

My devices keep losing my sonos system

Hi there Lately I have had the bizarre problem of our various devices losing connection to our Sonos. For example, yesterday my iPad was not seeing the sonos system. My iPhone was. So I used it. Thi...


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