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Having trouble with your Sonos system in any way? Ask your questions here. The more detail you can provide, the better.

No sound on certain channels after system update today.

Hi, I received an app update today which also updated all the speakers software to v7.4 build 37244160. Since the update certain channels from my Sky HD box, such as Sky News & ITV4 take 60 secs+ for...

Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...


I recently bought a new wifi router/access point an ASUS RT-AC88U Once I switched over to it I found that I had sporadic access to my Sonos speakers (Play 3, Playbar + Sub). Sometimes I could connect...

Sonos alarms - not turning off

I have tried to turn off my alarm that i have set for 5 pm daily. I press the stop button and it stops briefly the volume drops and the rises to the setting that was set. The only way to stop it is to...

Sonos does not work - keeps cutting out

We have a sonos 1 and two sonos 5 currently. we have set them up EXACTLY as per the instructions. We have exceptionally high internet speed. We have connected our spotify. Despite updating the sonos...

Sonos SMB implementation (Error 900 when adding music library)

Hi! Not sure whether this is a question or a conversation starter... I got error 900 trying to add the music library on my Synology NAS to my Sonos system. It had been working flawlessly in the past,...

Why don't you admit you have a major problem?

I want my money back because I am sick of my non-playing Sonos. I don't care what they say about wi-fi, I don't want to spend my time trying complex reconfigurations on my wi-fi set up because Sonos c...

Support for SMB2, SMB3 ?

My Sonos cannot access SMB shares on my Synology NAS. Synology disabled SMB version SMB1 due to some recent Severe Vulnerabilities in the protocol. I did some A/B testing and concluded that setting...

Asus Router issues with Sonos

If you are having trouble hooking up to your speakers and you have an Asus router, eg AC 3100, you have to check out Wireless menu >> Professional Tab >> Airtime Fairness. Disable this setting and al...

Audio Delay Between Connect and Play 5

Disappointing not to have delay compensation in Play 5 so I can listen to my expensive stereo system with Connect at the same time as Play 5. Big echo between the two. I didn't see any warnings in t...

Music cuts out/jumps to next tracks

Music from my library cuts out and other times, jumps to next track. As many others have reported, this has never happened... only after I upgraded to 4.1. And no, it has nothing to do with my wi-fi...

Audible App

I would dearly love to be able to listen to my audio books ( all on Audible ) using my sonos. I know there have been problems with it, but please try and fix the issues and get it up and running. Doe...

Playbar Cuts Out After Updating

After updating to 7.3, the sound keeps cutting out while watching TV. The only way to get it back is to switch it to another audio source (radio station, music, etc) then quickly switch it back. Again...

Pandora Reauthorization?

On the Sonos app, it says it cannot play Pandora because I need to "reauthorize my account". When I click reauthorize, it says I'm not connected to internet when I am. Is there any way to fix this and...

New Update (8.1) Broke My Sonos

I can't add anything to my queue on mobile or desktop with the new 8.1 update regardless of what service I use. Basically, trying to roll out cool stuff for new Sonos users broke a reliable Sono 3 I'v...

Spotify app not showing Sonos

Hopefully I'm missing something very obvious... I had linked my Spotify premium account as soon as Ver. 7 was released (during the beta actually). Now I cannot see any of my Sonos devices in the Spo...

New router - how to setup without Ethernet?

Is there another method for logging in to my new router wirelessly? The router is installed very high up in a closet and I cannot easily do the wiring temporarily thing I see in all the instructions....

Sonos basically sucks

Every month my Sonos goes down and requires a ridiculous amount of time to fix: UNSTABLE

Sonos Beam and Bose QC headphones in Samsung TV

I have the Beam working via HDMI on my TV and when I switch in my headphones to connect to the TV via Bluetooth, it works initially and TV says disconnecting Anynet+ device (the Beam) but then it seem...

Spotify plays 1 track then Connection to Spotify is Lost

I am having a problem with Spotify. I can play 1 track through Spotify (sometimes none) then the 'Connection to Spotify if Lost'. I have made sure everything us updated and turned everything on and of...

Lock down access control by zone

I know, I know. This topic has come up for years. Sonos response has been to lock your wireless network or control your family members better. First and foremost, I have a wife, brother and four chi...

Apple Music "We've run into a problem. Try again."

Hello, I've had Sonos working fine with Apple Music for 1.5-2 years. In the last week whenever I try to access my playlists by going to "Apple Music > My Music > Playlists > Apple Music Playlists" on...

8.5.1 Harmony Companion Hub Volume Up/Down Commands

Since I updated to 8.5.1 I can no longer control the volume up/down on my PlayBar via my Harmony remote. I can open the Harmony App on my phone and scrub the volume bar for the PlayBar and it works, b...

Play 1 constantly skip podcast

Hi, I play a podcast from my iPad and in the middle of an episode Play 1 skips and starts on another episode! How to fix this issue?

Sonos. Years of ownership.

As I lay here tonight hoping for some sleep time tunes, my wife asks as always ‘is sonos working?’. I check and as usual the answer is No. many years of ownership. Multiple speakers. Thousands investe...


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