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iPhone music & podcasts skip

Hi All; I understand that this is a common refrain on here, and I'll admit that I have a complicated and not-entirely-understood wifi system in my family's house. Whenever we stream long tracks from...

No light in sub

Got a new sub yesterday. Connecting to electric cable done, but no light at all. Any ideas?

trouble connecting 2 Play5 to record player

Hello dear Sonos-users,I've got a question. Today I've bought a record player and connected it to one of two Play5 in my living room. Connected via 3,5mm jack. The problem is that only the direct conn...

Sound switching on and off

I have eleven Sonos speakers installed in my network. From time to time, the sound is switching on and off on individual speakers or for an antire room. Can happend if I play in one room or multi room...

"group" speaker clustering keeps getting un-done

I have lots of speakers that I keep configured on "party mode", so that they are all together in one group. This grouping seems to be very temporary, and peculiarly susceptible to any hick-up: momenta...

Unable to play from Spotify for last 24 hours

When trying to play music from Spotify, i either get an error that it cannot be added to queue, or the music simply doesn't play and it slowly cycles through songs. Are others seeing the same issue by...

Reducing delay of tv sound

I have several connects throughout the house as well as a few sonos one devices. They are all hardwired. In two areas I have TVs with line in to Sonos. When playing sound especially if grouping zon...

Playbase no longer on wifi

After about a year of my playbase working fine, the wifi no longer works on it and it can't see my other speakers. I have contacted sonos over the phone three times, submitting a diagnostic number ea...

2129435508 Sonos one question marks

My sonos One(2x) surroundspeakers are shown as ? ? After a while.

Wat doe ik fout

Ik heb de nieuwe Amp en daar mijn platenspeler op aangesloten. Op de App lijningang geselecteerd, boxen(kamer) geselecteerd en daarna "nu afspelen". Maar helaas, langs geen kanten geluid uit te krijge...

Sonos AMP dead

Ive sold thousands of pieces of Sonos gear in my career. This is the second "dead" Sonos AMP i have installed in the last four months. You guys losing it?

Connecting to Itunes library

I am unable recently to connect to my iTunes library. Message I get @unable to add the shared folder //Desktop- NKCDOKJ/Music' . Worked fine before. no problems with Amazon just the downloaded iTunes...

Poor sound quality 5.1 configuration with stereo/PCM tv audio source

Hi, I have a playbar + 2x play:1 for 5.1 sound configuration connected to my TV via optic cable. When I'm playing Dolby5.1 movie the sound is ok, well distributed between playbar and the 2x rear Play:...

Cannot get Playbase to rejoin Sonos

Play base was on the system in a group with 2 Play:1s. Playbase is also connected to TV using Optical input and Ethernet . They all dropped off the system. I tried to reconnect playbase but the light...

Audio dropout

I experience regular audio dropouts mainly when streaming radio but also happened playing from my NAS drive. I’ve submitted diagnostic report 1658039737. Tried changing the channel but still dropped...

Room Issues/Can not play music

A week or ago, I unintentionally assigned a room to "line in," I thought at the time I was choosing the same room I had, I only have on room with a speaker. Since then, I have had trouble playing mus...

Bad network connection, skipping line in

I'm pulling my hair out, so hoping someone can help. I'm mostly having issues with my turntable dropping out especially when I play to multiple speaker groups. I've tried wiring more things in, tryin...

ZP100 Dropping From Network

Hello All, I have a ZP100 that constantly drops from the network after roughly 3 minutes of playback. The unit has been used primarily as a connection in my living room for a powered sub woofer and...

Can't play anything!

Very frustrating. Pandora just won't do anything. Spotify gets me an"unable to add songs to the Queue message. Yesterday, I could play from my library but today I get n "unable to connect" message. I'...

Base not working on Play1

My base seems to be going out. Makes a rattling sound and doesn’t really have base sound any longer.

Out of sync

Out of Sync

Sonos not able to play music anymore. Update fails. Sonos is stuck!

Cant play music anymore neither with service like spotify not from server. Error message says it can't play music. I have a sub, a player, 2x 1, 2x3, 2x 5. Internet speed is very good. Rebooted router...

Speakers no longer showing up after update

After the most recent update to both my speakers and the controller app, only 1 of my speakers shows up. I have 3 speakers including play 1, play 3, and play 5. The play 5 is the only speaker that sho...

surround sound

surround sound, no music or sound. sound bar is working

Speaker Unable to Connect

Sonos has worked great for us in the past, but it’s now throwing an error about being unable to connect to my music service. It will play a song for a couple seconds and then fail. Perhaps wireless...


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