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Static / Crackle Sound - Beam

Hello, I haven’t had this issue come up since owning my Beam until yesterday. I hear a cracking / static sound when watching Netflix or listening to music. I just ran the diagnostic and my confirma...

IP address change on router, now Sonos offline

Hi there We had an IT contractor into my house to sort an issue with our wifi. The wifi network is still named exactly the same, with the same password, they merely changed the IP address range. All o...

Sonos cutting in and out

I keep having issues with my speakers going in and out. I've purchased a boost and assigned static IPs. I've also changed the 2.4 Wi-Fi channel of my sonos controllor and Orbi Mesh. I'm still having i...

Sonos One turning itself on via Alexa

Hi. This is kind of a strange problem. My new Sonos One is seemingly turning itself on at random intervals every couple of days or so, however when I check the app, it says it was activated using Alex...

System no longer working solely via wifi

Up until recently my system was connected solely via wifi to the controller. The system consists of a Play 5 & 3, a Playbar and 2 connect amps which are hardwired into ceiling speakers in the lounge a...

Line in Issue

Music plays fine from a music app, but cuts out when play through a connect device using line in.

Recurring Issue with Alexa on Sonos One

Have had the same issue 2 times in 4 days. The first time I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support now a few days later it’s back to ‘Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding right now, plea...

Soundbar cutting in and out when watching tv

Soundbar is cutting out...can anyone help out? Diagnosis report number 1987883566 Thank you, Greg

Sonos sound beam

When off the the beam let's out a high pitch sound. How do I stop this from happening? I'm thinking this isn't supposed to be happening.

Play 1 unable to connect after unplugged

I experience this issues with one of my play 1 speakers and after unplugging my speaker to change the power cord it will no longer connect to the Sonos system. The room that the speakers were in says...

rooms not showing up in app and sonos are quiet

only one room is showing up in the app. I have about seven other speakers and it doesn’t have to do with where they are located. Also I can barely hear it even when it’s 3/4 of the way up. I went into...

Subwoofer not working

We recently had a system installed by a local firm. The subwoofer has not been working. I've attempted to add the device again a few times with no results. I ran a diagnostic report # 1529572599....

Audio sync issues

I have had 2 playbars for years and have lived with audio sync issues from the beginning. I just bought a Beam with hopes that the new speaker will have fixed the issue. Unfortunately, the problem i...

Sonos never plays the selected song

My setup is in boost mode withe my Playbar connected directly to my router. I play music mostly via directly on Spotify and through the Sonos Controller through Spotify. Through both methods, when I s...

SP90 never ending white led flashing.

Hello All! I have a second hand ZP90 unit, but I can't get it alive. When I power it up the white led is flashing never ending and nothing happen. Either PC or phone doesn't see it. I tried the hard r...

Unknown account -- Cannot add new Sonos 1.

I was able to update my system for my new network fine. At the same time, I tried to add a new Sonos one, so I went into the App, selected Add a Speaker or Sub. Got the message to enter the account...

Dropping Off and its wired?

I have one playbar, one beam, one sub and four connects, seems that every once in a while I lose a connect and also I lose the ability to group them once in a while, but they are all hardwired in a ne...

Cutting In and Out

Hi There, We've got 2 Sonos Play:1 and they keep cutting out then restarting. It's driving us dotty, any help or advice appreciated. We ran a diognostic - number 1456272495 thanks

Muffled Play 1 after power cut

Hi. So after a short power cut, my Bathroom Play 1 is now sounding muffled. I have had this speaker in the same position mounted to the top corner of the room for 3 years with no issues and usually...

Random play at night

Sonos started playing randomly today. Can you check diagnostics # 146488186 pls?

Missing Speaker (still connected to wifi)

I have a room speaker that doesn't appear in the room list for either the Android or Mac controllers. The speaker is still connected to the wifi network. Its physical location is probably 3 feet from...

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 will only work on ethernet

Did a diagnostic all of a sudden a few days ago the play 5 gen 2 will only work on Ethernet. 622856909

Virgin radio not working Jan19

Virgin radio stopped working this week and still won't play on Sonos. Doesn't seem to work on TuneIn website either. I don't have the tunein app so can't try. Strangely Virgin Classic Rock station wo...

Audio cutting out briefly when grouped.

This doesn’t happen very frequently, but enough to annoy me when I have everything grouped. I have the audio set to compressed, and have tried a couple different channels. I’ve got a playbar, sub, b...

701 error occurred while adding songs to que

I keep getting the same message. “Error occurred while adding songs to que 701” I can’t play any of my songs. I have restarted my Sonos and the network.


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