ZP100 has intermittent sound when Ubiquiti switches connected to network

  • 22 October 2017
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I am reaching out to the community for help since for the first time Sonos support was unable to help out. The problem that I am seeing is that anytime I plug a one of my Ubiquiti network switches into the network my wired ZP100 starts to have intermittent sound. Interestingly enough the ZP100 that is connected wirelessly via sonosnet to the wired ZP100 plays sound perfectly.

Here is an image of how the network is currently configured.

Here are thing that have and have not worked:
- Connect the ZP100 directly into the cable modem - No intermittent sound.
- Connect the ZP100 to the LAN2 interface of the security gateway - No intermittent sound.
- Connect ZP100 to the Netgear switch with the Unifi switch disconnected - No intermittent sound.
- Connect the Unifi switch to the Netgear switch and intermittent sound starts on the wired ZP100 but not on the ZP100 that is connected through SonosNet. I have even tried swapping the ZP100 units and the problem is only ever with the wired unit.

Network Notes:
- The Netgear switch is a unmanaged switch. I wanted it this way to make sure I was not running into any RSTP/STP issues.
- I have tried disabling RSTP and STP completely on the Unifi switches, but nothing has worked. Currently I have STP enabled with the 48 port unit at a priority of 4096 and the two 8 port units at 8192. I don’t think this is a STP issues anyways since I don’t have any loops in the network and the Sonos units show the STP state as forwarding.

Other things I have tried and that have not worked:
- Swap out network cables.
- Reboot the Sonos equipment after every network reconfiguration.
- Disabled POE and set the switch network port to manual link negotiation.
- Normally there is a Palo Alto PA220 between the security gateway and the 48 port switch running in virtual wire mode, but I completely removed that from the network to keep things simple. Either way with it in or out of the network, the wired ZP100 still has intermittent audio.

Note: I don’t know if this is a Sonos version 8 issue or a Ubiquiti issue since unfortunately on the same day that I reconfigured my network and installed my new network equipment, I also upgraded my Sonos equipment.

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