ZP100 becomes unresponsive

  • 14 August 2019
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I've seen similar posts and was just wondering if anyone had successfully repaired their ZP100 showing similar symptoms. The unit works for 1-2 minutes then becomes unresponsive. The mute button stops working, it disappears from the app and the light starts to flicker and become dull.

I've made a video here https://youtu.be/5N-jx79dhTs

I assume it's a power supply issue, perhaps one of the capacitors is going bad.

I've contacted Sonos support but if this is an easy fix in comfortable to open the unit up and void Sonos' goodwill to offer a repair (if they do).

2 replies

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Hi. This reply is a month late so not sure if you fixed it or replaced it...

i don’t have a ZP100 but I do have a ZP80. My symptoms were EXACTLY the same as yours. Mine would last a bit longer a few hours at most. When it was playing I had the flickering white light as well. Then all of a sudden it would stop. Disappear from the app and all of the lights for both Ethernet ports would stay lit.

Sonos diagnosed it as hardware failure and quoted me 300 GBP for a replacement unit sonos connect I think.

Anyway I took it apart. I should have taken photos although may not help you with a zp100 but you are lucky as I found some videos on the zp100 but none for the ZP80..but I think it’s similar. There is a rubber base on mine not yours this just rips off its held with double sided sticky tape then 4 screws in corner and the top plastic cover pops off there are some spring plastic retainers easy to wedge. There’s a cable which connects buttons this pops off. Then you can split the Main PCB board away if you need to from the bottom
PCB held with one screw. Where all the ports are there is a flexible grey cover I put a knife behind this and removed it to reveal 2 screws on either side of power port remove these and you can now disconnect the PSU connector and two last screws which secure the PSU board which is separate to the other two

just looking at mine revealed burst electrolytic capacitor. There were 4-5 but this one only one that looked bad didn’t been bother testing it. Read off the value and ordered one from eBay 5 minute solder job to replace. Put all back together and BOOM all problems gone for the price of £1.20 and I even got a spare capacitor.

if there is enough interest I would be happy to strip it down again (ZP80) with pics as I imagine these are going to start going now they’re 10 years old.

Hope this helps!

Same issue here. Would work for 1-2 minutes then the light would flicker white and disappear from the app.  

Opened mine up and poked around a bit to find a blown out capacitor. Trying to locate a replacement to see if this resolves the issue.