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  • 13 September 2021
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so I’m currently developing a music service and testing it via customsd. The integration in the controller app is working (iOS App & Windows Desktop App) - so I can browse - but I can’t get a Player to play any track. I keep receiving ‘unable to connect’ errors once I hit the ‘Play’ button in the controller. I can see on the service side that the Player sends a getMetadata and a getMediaURI request, and the SOAP responses delivered by the service are identical to working examples from another source; however, the Player seems unable to process them. I am kind of stuck, and I guess what would help me are the Player logs. Is there any way to get them?


Any feedback is highly welcome! Many thanks in advance, and kind regards,


2 replies

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Sounds like something is amiss with the streaming url you are delivering as a part of the metadata. If you switch to http (instead of https) you might be able to NetMon/wireshark the communication between the player and your service to get a better idea.

If using https you need to ensure you are using a supported root cert on your server endpoint.

(FYI you are supposed to use stackoverflow for support stuff like this, but Sonos seem to have abandoned that channel.)

Many thanks!

More or less accidentally, I came across the reason of my problem. Whereas in general, Sonos can handle arbitrary IDs, getMediaURI only seems to work when it requests the URI for an ID of the form track:something. I don‘t remember seeing this as a requirement on the developer pages.

Anyway, got it working now.