ZonePlayer has to be rebooted before use

  • 16 December 2016
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Fortunately I have a simple setup, a ZonePlayer 100 and two Play:1 speakers. Other than the occasional router or ZonePlayer reboot, everything has been great. The past week or so I've had to reboot (remove power) the ZonePlayer every time I want to use Sonos. Whether I'm using the PC or phone app, the Sonos system can't be found until I reboot the ZonePlayer and then it's fine - until the next time I want to use it.

There's been no changes in my network nor have I changed anything with the ZonePlayer or speakers. About when this whole thing started I was prompted to update the Sonos app so that's been done on my PC and every device I use. Today I tried reserving the ZonePlayer IP address in my router and it didn't help. When Sonos can't be "found", I can ping the ZonePlayer. No issues with power outages.

Sure is a shame because I was able to get my Echo working with Sonos a while ago and now I have to reboot the ZonePlayer before issuing voice commands to Alexa which totally spoils the cool factor.

Did a fair bit of searching but everything I found seemed to be related to rebooting routers and such and that's not my problem. Anything you can think of would be most appreciated.



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7 replies

A ping could be being returned by anything, so a duplicated IP could be lurking. Reserving an IP in the router wouldn't help immediately if the IP was already in use elsewhere. I suggest you at least try a full restart of all the devices on your network, not just Sonos.

It could be that the ZP100 is beginning to show its age, but let's clear out any IP duplicates to start with.
Thanks for the reply ratty - my experience with IT is based solely on necessity (home & business). Before reserving the IP address, I noticed there were no Sonos devices on the router's DHCP client list. After rebooting the ZonePlayer, there were 3 Sonos IP's listed. I could ping one of them which I assume was the ZonePlayer and the other two were the PLAY:1 speakers.

I have since moved the ZonePlayer from the basement up to where the router is and connected it directly for testing purposes. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter if it's connected directly to the router, it still appears to have the problem.

According to the router's client list, there is no IP conflict. Can this be trusted? I have 19 devices on the network so rebooting everything would be a bit of chore.

Will reboot the router at least.

Thanks again for the input.


According to the router's client list, there is no IP conflict. Can this be trusted?
No. The point is that the router doesn't know if there's a conflict, otherwise it would have avoided it!

Will reboot the router at least.

In the absence of IP reservation, and without rebooting everything else, this could just compound the problem. A duplicated IP should clear itself after 24 hours anyway as most routers assign IPs on a 24 hour lease.

If this is a longstanding problem with the ZP100 there could be something more sinister at work. Sonos Support would be your next stop.
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I'd be more concerned why a disconnecting ZP100 would interrupt connectivity for your other devices.

Is that ZP100 the one and only wired device? What's the front LED doing when you are unable to reach your Sonos?

And as Ratty says, support is a good option if there's is any suspicion of an hardware fault.
Thanks for the reply guys and here's the latest. I added a bridge and connected the ZP100 wirelessly. Worked for a few hours then the ZP100 dropped. Pretty sure there's a physical problem with it because when it drops, nothing happens when I press the mute button. Also, will not connect with http://:1400/status - everything works great after rebooting. With the bridge in, Sonos system is working fine but I'm lacking the ZP100 features (line in and out and sub woofer). Bought the unit on ebay and from what I understand, there isn't much Sonos will do. Read about someone who brought his back to life by disconnecting and reconnecting network card ribbon cable so may give that a shot since I don't have much to lose.



I have observed this failure symptom for CR100's. However, I will echo Ratty's comment about duplicate IP addresses. The DHCP server is much like the the little box at the butcher counter that gives out numbers. The DHCP server does not check for the possibility that someone has simply assumed a number or picked up a used number from the floor.
Thanks buzz and please forgive the stupid question. My ZP100 is and I understand Ratty's comment about pinging an IP address when there are duplicates. However, if I unplug the ZP100 wouldn't pinging tell me whether or not there's a conflict? If I can still ping it, there's a conflict and if I cannot, there's no conflict. I'm probably over simplifying things.