YouTube Playback via Airplay2 on Sonos One

  • 16 August 2018
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Hi all, I've searched on here and have not been able to find anything on this. Hopefully this issue is not unique to me :)

I am trying to play YouTube audio over my Sonos One via Airplay 2 (after all necessary updates).

My initial attempt was to open the YouTube app on my iPhone7 and try to cast via Airplay2. The video plays and while the indicator shows that I am playing to Airplay 2, no sound comes through the Sonos One.

I then tried to play a song off my local device (iPhone 7) direct to Sonos One via Airplay2 on Apple Music app. This worked with no issue - I was able to start the song (via Apple Music) then select my Sonos One speaker (Kitchen) from the Music Control Center by swiping up on my phone, ceasing play from my phone, and initiating play from Sonos One. Great news! Airplay 2 works to Sonos One.

While the song was still playing to One I went back to the YouTube app again and - without stopping the song playing from Apple Music - pushed play on a YouTube video. This worked! The song from Apple Music app stopped and I could hear the audio from YouTube playing over my Sonos One. So I can get audio from YouTube on to Sonos One via Airplay 2, it's just a bit of a hassle to get there. And to keep it there (see below).

I am able to re-create this scenario with 100% certainty. If I try to play audio from YouTube app to Sonos One via Airplay 2 as my first action - I am not able to get audio. If I start playing a song from local device via Apple Music to Sonos One, then while the song is playing initiate play of a YouTube video the audio works just fine to Sonos One.

To make matters more confusing - when I do get YouTube playing via the Sonos One, if I immediately play another video after one that is ending I can retain YouTube audio on the One. If I delay even a few seconds after the first video ends and then try to start another video...I lose audio to the Sonos One. The YouTube video plays with no audio at all, neither to the One nor the iPhone.

Any ideas from the community on this? It's very possible (even probable) that I am trying to cast YouTube to Sonos One incorrectly. Thanks in advance.


Best answer by chicks 16 August 2018, 03:32

Just opened YooToob app on my iPhone 7, selected my Sonos Ones via AirPlay, hit the play button. Works fine.
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3 replies

Just opened YooToob app on my iPhone 7, selected my Sonos Ones via AirPlay, hit the play button. Works fine.
Yes, as I got home today I checked and it worked for me as well. Must have been afraid this group would figure out my “issue”. User error I’m sure 😃.

I exactly have the same issue for a month now. Thought I’ll fix this issue today and found this.
Anyone found a way out here please? I was going to use this for the kids dance party