xfinity remote suddenly does not adjust sound to Playbar from 10ft away

  • 23 November 2020
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I have had a 5.1 sonos play at system setup for over 2 years in the same room with the same tv. I have had it setup vertical with the sonos logo facing straight out and been unsung it with no issues. I woke up yesterday and went to adjust the volume while sitting on my couch and it stopped working. My couch is about 10-12 ft away my TV / Sonos setup. i figured it was the remote and switched out batteries, i went back and tried again and still no volume control with the xfinity remote. I got closer (probably about 3ft from TV / Sonos) and the volume started working again. I figured this was a remote issue so i went to my local Comcast store and switched out the remote for a new one. I came home and sat on the couch and tried again and still not working. I git up close again (3ft) and it started working. I called customer support and they had me unplug the system and re-pair the remote and still the same issue. I also noticed that after i unplugged the system and replied it in now the white led on the bar which usually blinks or responds when the volume is pressed on the remote is no longer blinking in response. Finally i took the playbar and turned it on its side so now the Sonos logo is shooting straight up and sat on the couch and now it can be controlled again by the remote. The other led light while looking at it from the side is now lighting up and responding when i depress the volume control. I thought maybe this was a fluke and went and turned the playbar back to vertical and no response from the couch. So now i am using the playbar from the horizontal position but felt like i got better sound while it was in its verticals set up. Anyone have any similar experience and know any way to fix?

1 reply

Here is what it looks like