Xbox One S and Sonos Surround

  • 10 December 2016
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I currently have an XB1S and Sony 930c. For sound I have a Sonos 5.1 setup (Playbar, (2) Play 1's and a Sub) and I'm trying to determine the best sound set up.

My TV can do Dolby Digital and it shows it's doing it when Bitstream is selected on the XB1S. When 5.1 Uncompressed is selected the "Dolby Digital" logo on my television doesn't appear. I've noticed pros and cons with each selected and I'm trying to figure out which one is best.

When 5.1 Uncompressed is selected the sound is definitely softer from my Surround Sound speakers but the lip sync is 100% accurate. When Bitstream is selected the sound is definitely louder from my Surround Sound speaker but the lip sync is a little behind (audio is behind lip movement).

Can anyone with a Sonos setup and XB1S give me the best advice for sound or look into this lip sync issue?


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4 replies

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Also - I noticed within the Sonos App that it says "Stereo" with 5.1 Uncompressed selected and "Dolby Digital 5.1" with Bitstream selected.
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5.1 uncompressed isn't Dolby Digital, it's PCM, that's why you don't see the Dolby logo on your TV when you select that. Also, Sonos only supports PCM for stereo sound, not 5.1. Setting to Bitstream is what you want in order to get Dolby Digital and proper 5.1 sound to Sonos.

You might want to see if your TV has an "Audio Delay" setting that might allow it to delay the video a bit to minimize the lip sync issue you seen to be running into.
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Is there anything else Xbox could do to make this work? Like another setting?

I looked through every setting on my TV and there's nothing to delay the video.

Could Sonos ever allow 5.1 from PCM?