Wrong song shown

  • 23 February 2021
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I am using Sonos S2 and occasionally I look at what track is playing, and what is coming out of the speakers is a totally different song to what I am hearing.  If I ask Alexa what is playing, she says the same as the Sonos app. 


Example: diagnostic 2015095204

Sonos said it was the Arctic Monkeys playing, but actually it was Mixed Emotions by Abra Cadabra.

4 replies

When the screen displayed the Arctic Monkeys, was it for the same room as the one playing?

Was the Play or Pause icon visible?  (One would expect the Pause icon if it was playing, the Play icon if it was paused.)

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It was for the same room yes, it was playing and the progress bar was moving, and ended at the same time as the song.  I forced closed the app a few times too, but each time it came back showing the same wrong song (I don’t think its app related, since Alexa said the wrong song too).

It has happened several times recently, always on YouTube Music which I forgot to mention before.

I have heard it said that the current YouTube integration into Sonos leaves much to be desired, and maybe this is just one symptom. 

Probably best to see if the diagnostic sheds any light. 


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Hi @rbrown & @John B,

Thanks for raising this with the community! 

I have actually noticed this on my own system with YouTube Music a couple of times (though less than I did when YouTube Music had recently been added to Sonos), and I’ve generally found that rebooting my router & speakers clears it up - mind trying that and letting us know if you still have trouble with the Now Playing screen not updating?