workaround for right channel of pair drop out

  • 25 January 2020
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I use a one and sl either side of bed , and alarm function is useful

I have same problem as I've seen many others right channel frequently dropping off pairing  (L+? Appears in settings)

 Nothing wrong with my network.

"Find missing speaker" function is useless.

I noticed it reconnects if missing right channel speaker is power cycled briefly. So I've connected a smart plug and set timer to turn off for 1 minute and then back On just a few minutes before the sonos alarm function activates. 

Obviously I shouldn't have had to, but until they fix the bug this workaround works for me.

Thought I'd share the "REPAIR".


3 replies

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It likely is a network issue, we users can’t do much but make suggestions and guesses but if you submit a diagnostic to Sonos and contact them with the number they can usually tell something. 24x7 contact options are on the contact page.

Thanks Stanley4 

You may have missed the line …

"Nothing wrong with my network." 

Notwithstanding the fact that sonos creates it's own mesh network and the speakers are less than 2 metres apart . 

It's a well documented "flaw" and they have tried to point to interference issues etc for many others with same issue ....have you seen a "solved" yet ? Me neither .

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Nope, see that same statement time after time. It still turns out to be a networking issue.

If you don’t want to do the diagnostic you could post a copy of your network matrix for some of the folks here skilled at reading them to comment on.