Work Around for Audio Drop Outs

  • 11 July 2019
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I found a work around for the audio drop out problem with my Samsung TV. My set-up might not work for you but this is what I have going on.

  1. Samsung 65" UN65H7150
  2. Nvidia Shield TV
  3. Insignia HDMI Audio Extractor
  4. 2x HDMI Cables
  5. 1x Optical Cable
I do all my streaming via the Nvidia Shield TV, meaning I don't have a cable or satellite box so all my audio needs are coming from the Shield.

I have the HDMI coming out of the Shield to the Insignia Extractor HDMI in. Then from the extractor I have an HDMI out running to the TV & the optical out from the extractor directly to the Playbar. The extractor has a switch on it to allow 5.1.

I tried connecting the HDMI from the TV to the extractor but was not able to extract the audio that way.

The Sonos App show's I'm outputting Dolby Digital & in testing it sounds really good. Right now the my favorite scene to test it on is Ready Player One starting at the 3 minute mark when the main character enters the Oasis for the first time in the movie. Sonos 5.1 really shines in this scene.

1 reply

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Hi dbnrs,

Thanks for sharing your workaround. Hopefully this comes in handy for some folks here.