Won't connect to Iphone or Ipad

Does it matter what you connect first, Bridge or Connect? I have ethernet wired through out house. Plugged into connection and cannot get connected on iphone or ipad. i have desk tops connected to ethernet and get internet with no issues. have tried several diff. ethernet ports in house. restarted devices.

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If you have Connect hard wired - you don't even need a bridge.

Plug Connect into your Ethernet port.  Install and run controller on your desktop computer.  If that is all working - then to connect your iphone or ipad all you need to do is be sure you are on the same wireless connection router as the Ethernet ports are on.  Install the sonos app on the phone and should find the connect (it will ask you to hit button on top of connect to start setup in the app).
thanks Chris crazy, but i can't find controllers even after downloading sonos software on desk top. Ethernet is plugged into same connection (guy who installed put a splitter so several ethernet connections, all flashing and working) My PC is upstairs and i'm connection to an existing amp is downstairs so i can't bring connect upstairs to try but attempted to connect bridge upstairs and didn't work. Error message saying can't find, try again option. Upstairs or down i understand should be irrelevant if i'm getting internet thru ethernet in house. Should i turn modem off and on in basement. I have a Cisco router, labled linksys e2000 on same piece of equipment on bottom. At a loss
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you could try restarting the router to fix any ip conflicts


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