Wireless zones dropped off, can't reconnect them

  • 5 March 2017
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My internet was offline for a few days. After a reboot of the router, the network came back up, and I noticed that all of my wireless zones were missing. I have two AMPs (wired), two play1s, a soundbar, and sub. The AMPs are still visible and work correctly from my controllers (win10 and ios). The play1s/playbar/sub are not visible any longer.

I attempted to re-add a play1 to the system using the controller. They were not auto-detected as a new device, which makes sense as they're not brand new. When I pressed pause/vol-up as part of the add room process, the controller seemed to detect the key press and was finishing the setup. It ended, however, with a generic error pointing me to a FAQ.

I did a factory reset of the play1, then tried to set it up again as a new speaker. This time, the controller automatically detected the speaker as a new one. Great! Unfortunately, it failed with the same result - failed to connect.

I reset my controller (ios) and re-connected to the system. No change with the above scenarios.

My wireless network is a Unifi AP that's connected into my router via ethernet. I'm not using my router's wifi. Speakers aren't more than 20 ft from router to range is not likely an issue.

Appreciate any ideas folks may have!

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1 reply

Hi cameron12, just wanted to follow up on your issue, and see if you're still having problems connecting to your wireless players. Because you have wired Sonos units, the players should be communicating with those devices. However, if the wireless players have the wifi network's credentials configured in their memory, they may be trying to connect to the wifi network rather than the Sonos network broadcast by your wired CONNECT:AMPs.

Please feel free to let us know if you still need assistance.