Wireless Turntables

  • 7 June 2017
  • 6 replies

Wireless Turntables

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6 replies

If you're desperate for Bluetooth, get a receiver which supports the 'near CD quality' aptX codec. Obviously the transmit end (e.g. a turntable) would need to support aptX too.
Nope. Don't use Bluetooth adapters myself. Any will work, how well they work is another story. Bluetooth is sketchy that way.
Any recomendations?
Not directly. Wireless turntables use Bluetooth. You would need a Bluetooth adapter on the line-in of a Connect, Connect:Amp, or Play:5. Note that most Bluetooth protocols involve a loss of fidelity due to compression and/or signal interference.
Sorry about that.
Are there any true "wireless" turntables that will work with a pair of Sonos 5s?
I don't see the point in hard connecting a trurntable to the speakers themselves. kind of defeats the whole purpose of going wireless + in my case it isn't practical.
You are going to have to give us more to work with.