Wireless Sonos devices not staying connected

  • 1 January 2017
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I have a Connect:Amp which is connected via Cat 5, a Play:3 and a Play:1 connected with the Sonos wireless These have been working flawlessly for a over YEAR+ now, but for some reason only the Amp works all the time now. When I try to group all these devices, it appears to connect initially, but if I look again later they will have ungrouped. Sometimes the 1 and the 3 don't show at all. When they do appear I am unable to connect to the 1, but the 3 will group with the Amp and play audio temporarily until they disappear.

I've power-cycled all Sonos devices, router and modem, to no avail, the power is stable in all 3 locations so no issue there

Any help will be great.
Thanks in advance

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4 replies

OK, I managed to sort this out, First I assigned an IP to each device and then I used the app and searched for new devices, once paired everything seemed to be OK again. I think my initial problem was a IP conflict somewhere.
All is well now, hope this can help someone in the future!
i have a similar problem. How did you assign an ip address to each device?
I had to do it in my modem/router config
Thank you. I didn't know that was an option. I'll try it.