Wireless network issue troubleshooting

  • 20 October 2019
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Hi--When using Spotify on iPhones my Sonos system can lose network connection for a few seconds (it sounds choppy or drops altogether). The speakers used to disappear altogether from the app, but I replaced the router and that improved but did not solve the situation. If I load a YouTube video on a computer that often will disrupt the Sonos performance, which suggests to me that it is either a bandwidth issue (if Sonos doesn’t buffer) or some sort of interference caused by the load request. I have three first-gen Sonos Ones, all within about 30 feet of each other (small house--two in the living room and one in the kitchen), a standard Comcast 50mps account, and a Netgear CM400 router. The modem and router are in the living room, about four feet away from one of the Sonos One speakers. I don’t speak router very well, but I’ve gone into the records and can’t see any obvious issues with the internet losing connection. Nothing else (e.g., Roku stick, laptops) are having obvious issues. Any thoughts appreciated.

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