Wireless interference -- Sonos system should try to reconnect

  • 31 January 2019
  • 3 replies

One of the main things I currently do with my Sonos system is listen to podcasts via the Plex connection, and one of the main times I do this is when I'm getting showered and dressed in the morning. When I'm in the shower, it is pretty much guaranteed that the podcast I'm listening to will abruptly stop partway through my shower, when I have no way to restart it, because I'm in the shower and my phone isn't waterproof. Every time this happens, if I just re-click the play button on the app, the podcast starts playing again. So if the podcast stops playing because of wireless interference, which is the most common reason given on the forum and website for such issues, why does the Sonos system not try to automatically reconnect and resume playback where it left off? Why do I have to press the play button again? Seems logical that if I pressed "play" and didn't press "stop," I want to keep listening to what I'm listening to, so the Sonos system should keep trying to reconnect and resume playback on its own without me manually having to tell it that yes, I actually want to keep listening to what I told it to play. If the system can reconnect when I hit the "play" button, it should be able to resume playback where it left off without me having to tell it to try. Intermittent, temporary wireless interference does not seem like an excuse for the system to throw up its hands and give up.

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3 replies

It may be that the speakers can't resume playback as it's completely lost the connection to the stream, and has to start up a new connection. Instead of getting the speakers to be able to pick up where it left off, it might be more productive to find out the reason for wireless interference and see if that can be solved. In many cases, it's as easy as moving a device to a different location or changing a channel in your router settings.

Sonos can often get a good idea what the issue is from a diagnostic.


If you post the number here, someone on the staff will read it and respond with him. You could also call support or reach them through twitter or facebook.
The Sonos system can pick up where it left off; as I mentioned, it reconnects and resumes playback perfectly once I hit the play button again. So, if it can reconnect and resume playback when I hit the play button on the Sonos app, I am not seeing why it would be unable to do so without me having to hit that button. Wireless interference is not completely within our control, so the system needs to be able to roll with the punches rather than temperamentally saying "I can't work under these conditions." For instance, in my situation, I live in a shared house in which the only internet connection for a router to connect to is upstairs from me, so I have to connect my Sonos system wirelessly through the ceiling. Also, the wireless signals from multiple neighbor's home networks reach our house as well and we can't stop this from happening. There is no work around for this; I cannot install new wired internet connections as it is not my house. I bought a Sonos Boost and have tried all three of the available channels and none have stopped my problem from occurring. Since I may have to live with the current level of internet performance, I would prefer it if the Sonos system would not give up and abandon playback after a single bit of wireless interference.
Ah, I misunderstood your issue. Regardless, i would still go the diagnostic route. The wireless interference could be as simple as moving electronics away from your speaker. They may also be able to tell you why the speaker isn't resuming play once the connection is restored. And of course, they'd be able to pass on the bug/enhancement request to development.